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Three-section treatment table with back-rest with hinged armrests, seat and podriatry leg rests. Comfortable seat and optimal customer access. Backrest with face hole and closing cushion. Tha face hole, with soft seams and anatomical shaping, included a matching cushion. Hinged with a gas spring activated by an ergonomic handle. MOVABLE ARMRESTS for ease of access to the customer. The armrests can also be used in a horizontal prone position, aligning perfectly with the backrest toi provide support for the forearms. HORIZONTAL POSITION. TRENDELENBURG POSITION with 20º maximun inclination. ARMCHAIR POSITION attainable at any height, useful in an outpatient clinic setting for multiple treatments and clinical examinations. Ninety-degree leg rests. EXCLUSIVE EASYPOD SYSTEM BY BEB CARE: Leg rests with 90º horizontal and vertical rotation. Telescopic heel support with 22cm extension and adjustable cushion for optimal foot position; adjustment: simple and accurate, assisted by gas springs, with ergonomic release lever. 

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